Allegiant Airlines offers flights to Bismarck, North Dakota from various cities across the United States. Bismarck is the capital city of North Dakota, and it is an excellent destination for a girl trip. Here are five of the best girl trip destinations in Bismarck:

1) The North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum - This museum is a must-visit destination for history lovers. It has a vast collection of artifacts and exhibits that showcase the history of North Dakota, including Native American culture, pioneer life, and the state's role in World War II. Visitors can explore interactive exhibits and watch documentaries about the state's history.

2) The Missouri River - The Missouri River runs right through Bismarck, and it is an excellent destination for outdoor activities. Visitors can take a scenic boat tour or rent kayaks and canoes to explore the river on their own. There are also several hiking trails along the river, making it a great destination for a nature walk.

3) The Dakota Zoo - The Dakota Zoo is a family-friendly destination that's perfect for a girl trip. It has a wide range of animals, including tigers, bears, monkeys, and more. Visitors can take a guided tour or explore the zoo on their own. The zoo also offers educational programs and events, including zoo camps and animal encounters.

4) The Kirkwood Mall - The Kirkwood Mall is a popular shopping destination in Bismarck. It has a variety of stores, including popular brands like Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret, and H&M. Visitors can also enjoy a meal at one of the mall's many restaurants, including Panera Bread and Olive Garden.

5) Normandale Japanese Garden - The Normandale Japanese Garden is a beautiful destination that offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere. Visitors can explore the garden's paths and bridges, take in the beauty of the koi pond, and relax on the garden's benches. The garden also offers cultural events and educational programs throughout the year.

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