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Discover Must-Visit Attractions

Federation Square: Begin your trip to Melbourne in Federation Square, a cultural center with art galleries and eateries. It's the city's pulse.

Great Ocean Road: Take a picturesque drive along the Great Ocean Road, which features breathtaking coastal views and the iconic Twelve Apostles


Royal Botanic Gardens: Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens for some peace and quiet. Stroll through verdant gardens, observe exotic plants, and enjoy picnics with breathtaking views of the city.

Queen Victoria Market: Immerse yourself in the excitement and bustle of Melbourne's largest open-air market, Queen Victoria Market. Souvenir shopping, local delicacies, and soaking up the vibrant environment are all options.

Exciting Activities Await

Street Art Tours: Melbourne is well-known for its street art tours. Take a guided tour through the laneways to see amazing graffiti and murals.

Yarra Valley Wine Tasting: In the scenic Yarra Valley, just a short drive from Melbourne, try some of Australia's finest wines.

Australian Open (January): If you're a tennis fan, go during the Australian Open to see world-class tennis action.

Best Time to Visit

Melbourne's mild and pleasant weather makes it a year-round destination, but spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May) are the finest times to visit. During these seasons, the city comes alive with vibrant blossoms and cultural events.

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